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Triple Tech is a technology company specializing in cost effective Java based software solutions to complex business problems. We specialize in custom software development for client and web based systems where other IT consultants are unable to meet the budget constraints of the project, yet where our experience in large scale software development is needed to solve a complicated business problem.

Triple Tech's specialty is creating start to finish solutions for complex business problems where others are unable to meet the budget constraints. Our skill base includes both deep project management experience and a diversity of technology experience. However, we achieve rapid, cost effective completion of solutions by focusing on a familiar technical tool set, including the Java programming language, the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) standard for web based applications and a limited set of database and application server products.

When we tackle an software solution, we work quickly, usually within 2 weeks, to develop a mock-up of the user interface for the application. The purpose of this effort is to quickly drive requirements. Even for complex 'back-end' requirements, such as complex calculations required by heuristic based risk management applications, the user interface often drives the end result, and by using this prototype driven approach, we can often obtain quick agreement on functionality without spending too much effort on overly detailed specifications, yet the prototype itself can serve as the specification to ensure that the delivered product meets the business need.

Once the user interface is agreed to, we work quickly to develop an architecture, and begin to code the 'bricks and mortar' of the application. We depend on customer feedback during this process to ensure that the the business need is met, so that problems are caught as early as possible in the development process. This ensures that the best product is delivered, while at the same time keeping costs down by catching most problems before any user acceptance testing.

This focus on early and continuous customer feedback is essential to create effective, innovative solutions at low cost. This approach works even when we must interface to legacy systems, or develop extensive 'back-end' code which is not necessarily visible to the end user. Using a proven approach and a common tool set, we have been able to succeed where others have failed.

OARS provides a secure, web-based, scalable, interactive electronic system for applicants requesting authorization prior to performing various work activities. OARS is configurable for business users to directly manage workflow, business rules, business requirements, and regulatory requirements without the need for changes in software coding; is able to function securely through online access on a variety of devices including workstations, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices; is intuitive and easy to learn; and is designed to operate in cloud infrastructures.

Triple Tech is working with the nuclear and petrochemical industries to provide innovative fire risk management systems. Traditionally, there has been a lot of focus on the initial facilities design, but little work to automate the risk management during operation. Our solution to risk management combines the entry of required information on fire system impairments, transient combustible movement, and hot work/open flame work into a single database which also allows a heuristic assessment of plant risk based on the parameters entered on the work permits and impairment identification. This unified approach to risk management allows the system to continuously assess and display fire risk status, providing both risk management personnel and plant management instant feedback on status.

By tracking all fire safety related information in a single system, it is also possible to retrieve information grouped in the most useful manner, including by room, compartment or area of the facility, by report type (open/closed, hot work/transient combustibles/impairments), by system type (sprinkler/barrier/alarm), by entry or approval personnel, or whatever other metric is desired.

This unified fire risk management approach has been presented to the fire risk managers across the nuclear industry as a solution to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC) call for performance based risk management. It has also been presented to a best practices task force for fire risk management within the nuclear industry.

Fire risk management is also a significant yet underautomated area in the oil drilling industry. Fires have disastrous consequences on offshore oil rigs, and they often preventable through the useful of careful risk management oversight, including with the use of automation such as is offered by Triple Tech. This automation can also be a cost effective solution to recordkeeping on fire risk related maintenance activities, which could also be useful during negotiations for insurance.

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